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A Little About Myself


    My name is Kacey Blick, I grew up in St. Charles, Missouri, I went to Francis Howell High School because that’s the question St. Louisan’s always want to know. I have been a Dental Hygienist for 6 years and even though I CLEAN teeth all day it was time to direct my attention to a new passion, DIRTEE Golf. Dirtee Golf, a golf apparel line, was established in March 2021. I started golfing 2 years ago and got hooked, and due to Covid it was the perfect “safe” getaway to pass time. 

As I was playing golf with my girl friends, it became apparent that women’s golf apparel needed a fashion update. Dirtee Golf was then created to not only have my own sporty style; but a fun, edgy, modern way to bring in the new generation of golfers. Dirtee Golf was originally created geared towards women, but I have learned by selling Dirtee apparel at golf tournaments throughout the St. Louis area, men of all ages like the style as well. What better way to bring couples/friends together than providing a new look to wear on the course? Even though the word “Dirtee” doesn’t sound appeasing to some, the brand is meant for bringing a clean, new, and fun perspective to the game of golf. 

          Stay Clean, Golf Dirtee 




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